Sunday, June 17, 2007

Getting on the bus at GPD

—By Matt Slovick, Glass Magazine editor-in-chief

Unlike AIA in San Antonio, Texas, at which which larger charter buses carried three or four passangers to and from the hotels and conference center, the buses to the GPD dinner were standing-room-only.

They were double buses with that accordion look in the middle. The buses took us to a huge facility that reminded me of a airplane hangar. And for good reason, about 1,000 people had to be fed.

I sat with Spaniards to my left and Brazilians to my right. The Brazilians asked how well I spoke their native Portugese, and I told them ''as well as the average Fin.'' I thought the food was good. The Spaniards weren't crazy about the Gazpacho, a Spanish soup.

The evening included two magicians, a band and ended with a Vegas-style dance routine. The buses returned us close to midnight. And yes, it still was not dark.

Speaking of buses, GPD has a Web bus outside the tent that is equipped with about 10 computers with Internet access.

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