Friday, January 25, 2008

Decorative Glass Cover Contest: because Glass Magazine brings the fun

By Lorin Hancock, Assistant editor and chief pie lover

That’s right, it could be YOUR GLASS* on the cover of our magazine. Are you excited? I am.

April is decorative glass month around these parts (I love decorative glass month!), and we want to get you involved. It’s a party and everyone’s invited! Just send me your photos of your favorite decorative glass projects, and we’ll slap the prettiest right up on the April cover of your favorite magazine (that’s Glass Magazine if you weren’t sure).

A team of highly trained glass media professionals will select the winner. Let me just clarify that, while we will not be swayed in anyone’s favor, I see nothing wrong with a few bon-bons sent directly to my attention.

Send your pics* to me by Feb. 8:

So how do you feel about me using the blog for shameless promotion of our own contest? I bet you like it.

* Glass only, please. Pictures of you holding a delicious lemon pie (that you just ate half of) will not be considered. Thank you.

* Pics is one of those new-fangled-internets colloquialisms for pictures or photographs. Some of you may know them as prints or portraits. Glass Magazine, in this particular case, is looking for digital images in a high-resolution format, large enough to fit our cover. This translates to some big-fanny files that, when you view them full size, measure at least 8.375 inches wide by 11.125 inches tall. We’re going for 300 dpi resolution. OK, you know what? Why don’t you just send a link to this page to your marketing department and let them deal with it. They’ll know what to do. And if you don’t have a marketing department, just send me the biggest file you can find. Are you confused? Wondering what the heck a “glassblog” is in the first place? Wondering how we can be so entertaining and so relevant to your job at the same time? I know, it’s mind boggling. Just relax. Everything will be OK. But watch out for the Internet coming alive in the middle of the night and stealing your spoon collection … I’ve heard things. It’s all over the blogs.


Katy Devlin said...

This blog is LOL-tastic. If only your pie was made of glass, so we could just use that "pic" for the cover :)

Also, I've heard about this spoon-stealing Internet thing. I think it's related to the new version of Windows that is screwing up my Outlook. check out:

E said...

Where's the whip cream?

Anonymous said...

Can the winning entries be seen on line?