Monday, April 27, 2009

NBC's Today Show quotes NGA on safety glass

In case you missed it, NBC's Today Show ran a story, April 17, on concerns about the safety of table glass in American homes.

Citing a study by Children's Hospital Boston and Consumer Reports, the segment stoked fears about the perils for young children exposed to non-tempered tabletop glass and related furniture. The NGA is quoted near the end of the segment supporting both the increased use of safety glass in homes and the rights of consumers to choose the glass that best suits their needs.

This is the latest example of an opportunity the NGA has had to comment on an important, breaking news story. While it is often appropriate for the association to speak on behalf of the industry when the media calls, we would prefer that our members be out front most of the time. Your "on the ground" perspective adds a further degree of credibility, and you can speak more directly to the actual impact economic or governmental factors have on your business.

Please let us know if you'd like to join a group of NGA member spokespersons that we can call upon from time to time. If you'd like to indicate a specific subject or subjects with which you're most comfortable, let us know that, too.

David Walker, Vice President of Association Services, National Glass Association

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Max Perilstein said...

I saw it and my first reaction afterwards was - let's do tempered so the next story will be about bad tempered coming from China! You know that's the next part of this puzzle.
Congrats on the pub and coverage- always nice to see the glass industry presented as in tune with the needs of the nation!