Friday, May 29, 2009

What does your truck say about your company?

I know all you folks out there are proud of your rides. Sure, they carry your product from point A to point B, but is that all they do? I bet, no. Your trucks are little pieces of you. They reflect the personality of their owners and their companies.

For instance, I heard of a guy at one GBA who outfitted the inside of his sprinter van with a full set of decorative glass and a tile floor to take to homeowner shows and unveil the possibilities. There was another guy who covered his truck with tarp and displayed his customer’s logo in giant lettering on the tarp along the side of the truck.

Trucks can be moving billboards for your company. You can use them as a canvas to paint your company's brand personality and to impress your target audience. A lot of you are doing that already. In the July/August issue, we want to put your trucks in the magazine and up on the Web in a photo gallery, so everyone can see how you are using them as a marketing tool. Some of you have already heard from me, soliciting images of trucks that tout your company; for the rest, this is your opportunity to display your rolling billboards in the magazine. E-mail the pictures to me and show off your rides to all your peers and customers. The images need to be high resolution, 4X6, 300 dpi, and the deadline is June 5. For caption information, we need:

Name and location of company submitting truck photo
Name/model/type of truck
Name of truck supplier
Name of company that provided signage
Favorite feature of the truck

Let's line up those babies for all to admire!

—By Sahely Mukerji, news editor/managing editor, Glass Magazine

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