Monday, July 13, 2009

Study habits influence attitudes

There are only three three things we can control:
1) Our work habits
2) Our study habits
3) Our attitude

It is easy to define work habits. At Evans Glass Co., we define our work habits by what we call The Five Main Things; communication, daily quality results, customer service, teamwork and personal growth.

However, our study habits directly influence our attitude. Consider an analogy of the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. Nothing new enters the Dead Sea. Consequently, it is generally lifeless and stagnant. The Jordon River runs through the Sea of Galilee bringing with it fresh growth and new life.

Our minds are similar. Without studying something beneficial, our minds are like the Dead Sea. Nothing new enters and our attitude begins to deteriorate. We become mired in the same muck as last week, last month, last year, last decade.

Read a book. If we read a positive self-improvement book only 15 minutes per day, we will read about 300 pages per month. That is more than one book per month. Attend a seminar. One hour or one day at a seminar will stimulate our minds and get us focused on positive change or growth.

Attend GlassBuild America. A few hours or days with our peers will rejuvenate us. The flow of new information, or old information from a new source, will change our attitude. The improvement of our study habits leads directly to a positive attitude. Remember we can't eat anything we want and lose weight simultaneously. Improving our diet--study habits--leads to better health--improved attitude.

—Bill Evans, president, Evans Glass Co., Nashville

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Anonymous said...


I agree completely with your premise that small investments in positive study habits lead to great long term results.
An addition to your ideas here should be journaling our insights as we read or learn something new. This five minute activity leads to much better retention and longer lasting results, as we internalize our reflections and apply them to our personal behavior.
Thank you for the blog topic.

Matt Kamper
Pre-Construction Estimator
Heinaman Contract Glazing