Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Safety first" comes front and center

Anyone who ever doubted the sincerity of “Safety first” corporate value statements need only look at recent industry events to see that the phrase is more than just a catchy slogan.

In fact, safety has been driving many of the most important developments in the auto glass industry over the last few weeks.

In Vegas, Cindy Ketcherside of IGD Industries won the first Carl Tompkins Distinguished Service Award from the AGRSS Council, in recognition of her long-time dedication to enhancing industry safety.

You’ve gotta' love the mantra she has made a part of her company’s fabric: “We’re not in the auto glass business installing ‘windshields,’ we’re in the safety business of installing ‘safety-shields.’ ”

Cindy gets it.

Also recently, Allstate Insurance rolled out a new Distinguished Performers Program to recognize and reward quality workmanship within auto glass shops--a welcome initiative that shifts the emphasis from price-driven coverage to safety and quality. The NGA has thrown our support behind the effort and will be encouraging other insurers to follow suit.

Allstate is getting it.

Harvesting--the unsavory practice of proactively encouraging unnecessary installations--is gaining national attention.

Safety is at the core of the harvesting issue, along with ethics.

And here at the NGA, one company joined the association last week with the explicit goal of getting 100 of their technicians NGA certified.

At the core of their motivation … you guessed it: Safety.

I think you get the point. Safety is top-of-mind for many far-sighted executives and companies committed to instilling best practices throughout their shops. They know it’s both the right thing to do and good business.

— By David Walker, Vice President of Association Services, National Glass Association

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