Monday, December 14, 2009

You've read about proper sales calls; now listen to them live

As the editors and I conducted interviews for the January 2010 forecast issue of Glass Magazine, we spoke with a number of glass company execs about their plans to remain profitable in what forecasters predict will be a challenging year ahead. Several themes emerged, among them: cutting costs, diversifying product and service offerings, and extending marketing efforts.

We found that the economic downturn has spurred many companies to revisit their sales strategies as they seek out new customers. With this in mind, we are running a two-part series on outbound sales calls in Glass Magazine.

In addition to the written articles, available here and in the upcoming February 2010 issue, we've partnered with ContactPoint to introduce an interactive format on that allows you to listen to examples of good and bad sales calls.

Here is one example of a sales rep effectively gathering information about potential future jobs.

Example 4: Identifying additional job opportunities

For more examples, click here. If you have recordings you'd like to share, please send them to

—By Jenni Chase, Editor, Glass Magazine

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Matt Rumbaugh said...

ContactPoint's training is also available on Lots more examples and script ideas there.