Monday, February 1, 2010

Commitment ignites action

It's easy to remain committed when times are good. Everyone's busy, days and weeks run together as we go about our business, and we do the things we planned to do and are expected to do. Others do what they're supposed to do, just as we expect them to. Contracts are honored, customers pay, you pay your vendors, and everything trickles down and steamrolls ahead like it is supposed to. Sure, some people let you down. But for those of us who try to do what we say, doing so takes little effort or consideration.

But when times are tough, commitment requires more effort. Commitment becomes intentional. Commitment requires you to be ... committed.

I am reminded of this as I leave a meeting at the NGA offices. Times are tough at your association, a reflection and natural extension of the tough times in our own companies, industry, and country. So the staff's commitment is more noticeable now, although it has always been there and been taken for granted. They, too, are doing more with less. They are not doing the same with less, they are doing more with less. With a smaller budget and fewer people, they are putting out more and better products for us.

The training and education opportunities are top-notch, including, the Glazing Executives Forum, Autoglass Technician Certification, and the new Window and Door Dealers Forum. Glass Magazine, Window & Door Magazine, and the e-news products have the best reporting and look at least as good as anything you will find on the news stand. And just wait till you see the GlassBuild America show in Vegas this September. Just like in your company, there are also more superstars behind the scenes making it all happen.

All these people are committed, and that is a choice they consciously make. Thinking about them brings to mind all the other committed people in my life: employees, suppliers, friends, and especially my wife, but this is a shout out to the amazing staff at the NGA. You might not know them, but they are hard at work for you and me, making this industry better and our jobs easier. Think of them when you read your magazine, or take an online class, or register to attend or exhibit at GlassBuild America. If each of us chooses to be as committed as they are, then our industry, the glass industry, will lead the way in the months and years to come. And we will all be better for it.

--By Chris Mammen, president, M3 Glass Technologies, Irving, Texas


Newton Little said...

Newton Very well stated Chris and I agree with you completely. I was able to view behind the NGA curtain last week and what I saw and heard were committed, enthusiastic, and intelligent NGA staff and leaders giving 120% to better inform and equip us owners, operators , amd associates to suceed, especially in the challenges of today's business environment.

Doug Linderer said...

Well stated, Chris. Most of us probably don't think about the challenges that the NGA and trade associations in general face. Thanks for reminding us in such positive, accurate, and succinct manner!

Anonymous said...

I've been told many times that I should be committed for being in the glass business.....

Marc said...

Great tought Chris. It highlights the fact that the greatest asset of our companies is our human resources. As our most valuable asset, it is important to recognize their contribution and value, particularly when times are tough.